Cats and dogs need dental care too!

As responsible cat and dog owners we should pay attention to our pet’s teeth.

Peridontal disease and oral odor in both cats and dogs is a very common reason for pets to visit an animal hospital. Most people do not attempt to brush their pets teeth and so inevitably plaque builds up an causes both inflammation and infection. Eventually, gum re-absorption and loosening of the root will occur, both of which will lead to loss of teeth.

Although this should be reason enough to maintain healthy gums and teeth, many complications occur from chronic infections and oral disease. Primarily kidney and heart disease occur in many older pets who have oral disease.

One of the most important reasons for you pets annual examination is to check their teeth and gums. If it is determined that your pet needs a dental prophy, our staff will go over with you in detail what is required to help restore your pet to relatively normal oral health.

Your pet will need to be under anesthesia for this procedure. Prior to the procedure, pre-anesthetic testing will be required to ensure your pet is in good enough general health to have general anesthesia. During the procedure your pet will be put on gas anesthesia by way of a tube placed in their trachea. They will also be monitored with a state of the art anesthesia monitoring device.


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